Treasure Hunt By Using GPS Device

posted on 14 Jan 2016 16:23 by slatertaylor in Apps

Treasure hunt is very old game but it is full of adventures. Finding out the treasures in certain time limit keeps you active and you also enjoy the game with many of the adventures during the game. But sin old days in the game of treasure hunt you are provided with few of the hints and then you have to locate the treasure. But now the treasure hunt is also become modern. In the modern age treasure hunt you are provided with the GPS device for locating the hidden treasure also called as caches. You have to found several caches in all over the world and these caches nearby of your location.

How to use GPS device for hunting the caches?

All of them who take part in the Geocaching adventure need to have GPS device that able to run the Geocaching software. With the help of this GPS device participant has to select the caches which he has to find on the basis of difficulty and location both. The game of the hunt begins as soon as the participant begins to track the caches by GPS device. This GPS device shows the longitude and Latitude values of the location of cache and also shows the location of the participant. GP device helps the treasure hunter only for the few meters from the cache. When the hunter comes under the area from where caches are only few meter away then hunter has to find the exact location of caches without taking the help of GPS device.

Let’s know about the cache

A cache in the treasure hunt may be gold coins or something else. Till at the end of the game you never know what you will find next and part of the excitement always remain in it. During the game caches can vary and also contain with the logbook in which you can enter your name so that it will show you have found it and can tell the tale of your adventure.

Caches are varies in the size and some of the large caches find with the “swapsies”. These swapsies left by the participant who have found it before of you. Swapsies can be anything; it may be ornament or knickknack. The rule of it is that you have to leave something which has the same or large value as swapsies. By doing such thing it will be great way to remember about your day.

Geocaching is not only for kids even it can also played by adults and it will be great fun to play it with the whole family. You can also install Scavenger Hunt App in your smartphone to play treasure hunt. Many of the brands, event planners create the event for Social Adventure for their audiences.

For the GPS device you can have the choice to select Smartphone which enabled with the GPS system. You can select the GPS device for locating the caches which is purely designed for Geocachers. Such type of GPS device you can easily connect with the database which allows you to select the cache which you want.

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